TCPI is acquired by the Ponticelli Frères Group

We are pleased to announce that the Ponticelli Group, through its Portuguese subsidiary Portumo Madeira, acquired Tecnoprojecto Internacional (TCPI) on the 7th of February 2019.
Tecnoprojecto (TCPI), founded in 1986 by Jose Manuel Brandao who will continue to be a minority shareholder and a Director of the Company, member of the Board, specialized in engineering, construction and maintenance services in electrical and instrumentation. With project activities in Portugal, France, Benelux, Eastern Europe and Africa, the TCPI team has demonstrated its dedication to safety and client satisfaction.

The Ponticelli Group is one of the main service providers to industry in the energy (oil, gas, nuclear, renewable energies), refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and defence sectors, as well as the infrastructure sector.

Ponticelli provides its clients with worldwide solutions to adapt their industrial facilities as the market evolves. Onshore or offshore, Ponticelli’s engineers build, revamp or maintain their production tools to guarantee safety and performance.

A global provider of expertise in the mechanical, piping and lifting trades, Ponticelli’s performance is the result of its 5,000 employees’ skills, efficiency and determination – second to none – to take up its clients most complex and difficult challenges.

Through the acquisition of TCPI, adding skills and competence in the E&I trade to its existing portfolio is a strategic step forward for the Group in proposing comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Founded in 1921, the Ponticelli Group is a family-owned group of companies, and reached a global operating turnover of more than €770M in 2017.