Industrial Engineering

We focus on the design and the planning of projects, creating and improving devices and integrated systems of materials, equipment and instruments, aiming at an efficient production and optimization of the results to be obtained by these systems. Intelligent use of technology reduces operating costs. Therefore, TCPI aims to obtain the best long-term benefits for its Customers, promoting synergies that meet their goals.


We implement the project, performing site management and field supervision in electrical and instrumentation works. The activities covering this service include pre-commissioning and commissioning, installation and erection of materials, equipment and instruments, connections, cable routing, programming and start-up assistance, testing, calibration, etc.


In addition to the services described above, we also carry out the preventive and / or corrective maintenance of the installations built, of the machines and the equipment, keeping in order their operation through specific interventions, scheduled according to maintenance plans or punctual. In this perspective, we perform the scheduled technical turnarounds in the production line of the industries in which we operate.

The Markets We Serve

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