We carry out all types of Industrial Design, Installation, Pre-commissioning, Startup Assistance and Maintenance of the electrical system in industrial complexes, such as Power Generation Plants, Sub-stations, Transformation stations, Distribution of energy in medium and low voltage, Lighting and Telecommunications.


We work with measuring and control instruments and calibrations in any industrial process. A good design of control systems and the choice of the correct instrument requires excellent technicians. We are qualified to carry out Instrumentation Engineering work including: P & ID, Specifications, Procurement, Process and F & G, loop design, wiring diagrams, cable trays, etc.


Our activity in Automation consists of Data Acquisition System and Manual Control (factory machines, components and devices, such as sensors, electric actuators and field devices); Individual Control (PLC, DCS and relays); Management and Optimization of the processes that allow the supervision of the industrial process. We work with Systems Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and DCS (Distributed Control System); Production Planning and Manufacturing Control; Preparation of the strategic plan and control of the industrial units through specific management software.

Also within this scope of know-how, TCPI created a business unit dedicated to Special Technical Installation in Service and Industrial Facilities, namely Electrical and Hydraulic Installations and HVAC, Security and Communications.

CERTIFIED COMPANY    ISO45001    ISO9001    ISO14001   VCA/SCC**    MASE/UIC

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