A 35-Year History

Initially only with the commercial designation of TECNOPROJECTO Lda., the consolidation of our company went through the creation of Regional Offices: in the  North, in Oporto and in the South (South & Islands), in Sines. It undertook several initiatives in the following years which allowed to found the company with the denomination it owns today: TECNOPROJECTO INTERNACIONAL – Projectos e Realizações Industriais, SA (TCPI).

In 2004, after structural consolidation, it began its international expansion. First with the creation of TCPI ANGOLA, in Luanda; then with the formation of TCPI ROMANIA in Bucharest. In the meantime, the establishing of TCPI in Martigues takes place and TCPI FRANCE is born. TCPI CAMEROUN is later formed in Douala, in the Republic of Cameroon, and companies are set up in Serbia, Russia and Mozambique.

For operational reasons, TCPI has also successfully established itself in Belgium and Estonia.

In 2017, TCPI EG is established in Equatorial Guinea. TCPI considers its representation in countries such as Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Gabon or Ghana.

In 2018, it concludes the process of creating TCPI ALGERIA and TCPI NIGERIA.

In recent years, TCPI GROUP has been restructured to present the most appropriate and immediate answers to current reality, attentive to new opportunities and always probing other new markets.

On February 7, 2019, TCPI is acquired by the PONTICELLI FRÈRES GROUP, through its Portuguese subsidiary Portumo Madeira, SA.

Also in 2019, a TCPI company is set up in Cape Verde.

Established for several years in Belgium, in 2021 Tecnoprojecto decides to set up  commercial units in this country, as well as in the Netherlands and in Luxembourg, formally creating a strategic program for the Benelux region.