Thermal Power Plants of Morro Bento and Camama


Rendered Services

TCPI Angola provided Materials Procurement, Construction in Electricity, Instrumentation and Testing of Camama Thermal Power Plants (100MW) and Morro Bento (50 MW).

Project Description


Acquisition of equipment for electrification of buildings Administrative, Monitoring, Pumping and Houses of Guard.

Construction/ Erection

Construction of the substation 60/15 kV.

Construction and installation activities with approximately 50,000 man hours, with 70 workers in peak work.

Construction of 2 substations 60/15 kV. Two Power Plants (110 and 50 MW).

Installed Quantities

Cable trays: 3,500 m
Electrical Cable: 45,000 m
Substation Equipment: 120 units
Electrical Equipment: 160 units
Instruments: 250 units
Lighting Equipment: 950 units
Outdoor Lighting: 60 units
Lighting: 2 units



End of Contract:

  • 2017

Project Amount:

  • 4.000 KUSD