FlexEfficiency 50 Gas Turbines – Combined Cycle Power Plant


Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL has provided electrical installation and instrumentation at this Combined Cycle Power Plant.

Project Description


The new combined cycle power plant will have a power of 510 MW, based on GE’s newest gas turbine: FlexEfficiency 50.

The plant will reach full capacity in less than half an hour. Its output exceeds 61% (against 40% average for other power plants) and emits 10% less CO2 than the conventional gas combined cycle plants.

TCPI was responsible for electrical and instrumentation work.

Approximately 40,000 hours were estimated to complete the work.

Installed Quantities

Lighting & Outlets: 681 units
Instruments: 875 units
Cable trays: 7,732 m
Cables: 106,268 m


  • GE/EDF

End of Contract:

  • 2015

Project Amount:

  • 5.000 KUSD