VUVB-K20 Unit Project

Porto, Portugal

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL provided services of erection, pre-commissioning in Instrumentation and Electricity works at the VUVB-K20 Unit, at the Galp Refinery, in Matosinhos, Oporto, Portugal.

Project Description


Provision of material and equipment such as cables, material hook-ups.


It took approximately 200,000 man hours for the execution of the instrumentation works with 180 people in the peak period.

Installed Quantities

Cable trays: 25 000 m
60 kV transformers: 2
Distribution Transformers: 3
Electrical Panels: 50
Electrical Cables: 55 000 m
Lighting: 400
Marshaling: 17
Junction Boxes: 87 units
Instruments: 1 100



End of Contract:

  • 2011

Project Amount:

  • 5.500 K€