RN2012 Project

Normandy, France

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL carried out electricity and instrumentation work on the RN2012 project at the Gonfreville Refinery in Le Havre, Normandy, France. Working in technical locations, pre-flash, H101 / H201 / H301 furnaces, multiple cable running and power cables installed. Hours worked: approximately 100,000.

Project Description


Supply of 250 luminaires installed between the H101 oven and the pre-flash. Supply of lighting and cable instruments of 20 km, supply of all cabinets to the LTP2002, as well as some cabinets distributed to the LTS and CCS making a total of 41. Supply of pipes and connections.


Installation of all cabinets in the LTP2002 (quantity: 24un), 17 cabinets in the LTS & CCS, installation of 68 GUB in the oven H101, 136 automatic valves, 250 luminaires distributed in the oven H101 and pre-flash.
Installation of junction boxes on the site.
Multicable connection in technical rooms and junction boxes.

Installed Quantities

Cable trays: 3.500 mts
Electrical cable lighting/ outlets: 10 km
Control and Instrument Cable: around 220 km
Instrument junction boxes: 140 units
Junction Boxes and Electrical Controls: 250 units
½ Synchros and Full Synchros: 3.500 units
Marshaling / LV Panel: 41 units
Lighting: 250 units



End of Contract:

  • 2013

Project Amount:

  • 6.000 K€