Phoenix Project – EPC1 PTT

La Mède, France

Rendered Services

Detail engineering, electrical boards and calculations CANECO; E & I supplies; Installation; Pre Commissioning and support to start-up.

Project Description


Electrical distribution boards study including CANECO cable calculations.


Cable trays
Electricity cables, Instrumentation, fiber optics and structured network
Electrical switchboards 400 VAC, 230 VAC, 48 VDC
Industrial Air Conditioning System – HVAC
False floor system
Smoke and fire detection system
Peripheral hydrocarbon detection system
Lighting system and outlets
Distribution of the instrument air network


Installation of the main and secondary cable trays
Cabling in electrical units and rooms
Installation of electrical and control panels
Installation of dry and oil transformers
Connection of electrical cables, instrumentation and optical fibers
Instrument calibration and erection
Technical false floor erection
Loop test and boot assistance

Installed Quantities

Cable trays: 3,500 m
Electrical Cables: 20,000 m
Instrumentation cables: 27,500 m
DCS: 1 unit
Detection center: 3 units
Instruments: 450 item
Panels LV: 38 units
Lighting: 160 points
Fixtures: 147 units
HVAC: 2 units