New Shale Oil Thermoelectric Power Plant – Power Output 300 MWh

Narva, Estonia

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL was awarded the Electricity and Instrumentation contract. The scope of work was the construction and assembly of activities, supervision, testing and commissioning, installation of all equipment related to electrical distribution, medium voltage (35, 18 and 10 kV) and low voltage (400V) in the steam boiler CFB, to the New Thermoelectric Power Plant – based on shale oil fuel – in Narva, Estonia.

Project Description

Construction/ Erection

TCPI was responsible for the installation of the Oil Filled transformers (Stepping Generator, 460 MVA, 350/18 kV) and Dry Transformers (10.5 KV / 0.42 KV molten resin transformer – 0.250 to 1.6MVA and cast resin 10.5 KV / 0.42 KV-2 at 3.15MVA). Isolated Phase Bus Installation including its connection to the Generator Step-up Transformer and to the Generator Circuit Breaker and to the pressurization. Installation of a generator circuit breaker, distribution of MV-LV panels, DC systems and UPS. Installation of support steel cable and pulling and termination cable. Installation of earthing system, Distributed Control System and Commissioning Assistance.

This project was carried out between 2013 and 2015, with a total of 300,000 man hours and a total of 171 people in working peak period.

Installed Quantities

Cable trays: 533,000 m
Medium Voltage Cables – 20,000 m
Low Voltage Cables – 310,000 m
Control & Instrument Cable: 203,000 m
Cable Connections: 6.118 units
IPB (Isolated Phase Conductor): 1 set
Switches MV / LV – 1 unit
Transformer step-up generator – 1 set
Auxiliary Unit Transformer – 1 set
Generator Circuit Breaker – 1 unit
Electrical Heat Tracing
DC Switches – 4 units



End of Contract:

  • 2015

Project Amount:

  • 11.000 K€