Integration of 4 Generator Groups of 21 MW each

Quileva, Angola

Rendered Services

In all of the works, the participation of TCPI ANGOLA included the reformulation of the Fuel Supervision for the Quileva Thermo-Electric Power Plant and the Installation of High Voltage Equipment in the Substations.

Project Description


TCPI ANGOLA provided the supply and installation of the following equipment: Switches; Circuit breakers; Measuring transformers; Lighting rods; Supports for insulating busbar; Differential protection equipment; Protection panels; Regrouping boxes; Monitoring of the substation system; Medium voltage cell (15KV) to connect to existing one; Medium voltage cell (30KV) to connect to existing one; Auxiliary power transformer; Stainless steel accessories; High-voltage connectors; High-voltage cables; Cables of 150KV and 11.5KV.

Engineering and Construction

The work reached a total of approximately 20,000 man hours.



End of Contract:

  • 2010

Project Amount:

  • 1.500 KUSD