Hydrocracker Unit Conversion

Sines, Portugal

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL provided Procurement, Erection, Pre commissioning, Electricity and Instrumentation works at the Contract C1 of the Hydrocracker Conversion Project, PT 51 and Plant, at the Galp Refinery, in Sines, Portugal.

Project Description


Acquisition of material and detailed equipment, such as cable trays.


Construction and installation of all the equipment related to the Instrumentation and Electricity works, requiring approximately 800,000 man hours and 450 people at work peak.

Installed Quantities

Lighting & Earthing: 52 000 m
Cable Trays: 187 000 m
Transformers of 10 MVA: 4 units
Transformers of 75 MVA: 4 units
Distribution transformers: 38 units
Electrical boards (MV / LV): 96 units
Electrical cables: 550 000 m
CJ of Electricity: 520 000 m
Fixtures: 4,600 units
Frames and DCS Cabinets: 143 units
Instrumentation cables: 585 000 m
Instrument Junction Boxes: 605 units
Instruments: 4,100 units
Analyzers: 31 units
Instrument air network: 10 000 m



End of Contract:

  • 2011

Project Amount:

  • 15.000 K€