Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (New safe confinement)

Kiev and Chernobyl, Ukraine

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL provided the following services in Kiev: Engineering and Acquisition of Electrical Distribution Network, Instrumentation System, Radiation Protection System, Seismic and Structural Protection System, Integrated Control System, Access Control System and CCTV (Close Circuit TV). Construction of the new safe containment on the damaged reactor at the decommissioned nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Project Description


Engineering and design management, of all disciplines described above, coordination and interface between other disciplines, contractors and suppliers involved, within Ukrainian territory and abroad.
Development of licensing packages as required by the Ministry of Energy and the Nuclear Control Council of Ukraine.
Development of new technologies and specific equipment in order to meet the specific environmental conditions of this project.
Inspection Development and Testing Procedures.
Development of maintenance plans and procedures.
Development of Installation Methods and Procedures.


Advising the Procurement Department in all disciplines described above, procurement of materials and equipment, including preparation of trend reports and budgets, and participation in meetings with the client principal for approval. Requisition Development and MTO’s (Material Take Off).

The Engineering Project was carried out between 2009 and 2016.

Construction / Erection

Within the Subcontract between BVB and Novarka, the parties have agreed with TCPI INTERNACIONAL to provide their know-how, proficiency, administrative services and technical qualifications such as Construction Management and Supervision of the Electrical Site to the various ARCH Systems and Auxiliaries .


Site manager
Supervisor E & I for ARCH
Radius supervisor and earthing equipment
E & I Mechanical Supervisor for internal / external use
Supervisor Construction of 0.4 and 6 kV
Medium and low power cable puller

In the selection of the installation and in conditions of difficult access, about 150 workers were supervised during the installation of the various E & I systems, without any radiological incident.

Installation took place between 2015 and 2018.

Installed Quantities

Cable trays and conduits – 650.000 m
MV / LV switch – 4 units
Medium Voltage Cables – 15,000 m
Transformers of 0.4 kV – 5 units
Low Voltage Cables – 590,000 m
Stand by Diesel Generators – 2 units
Control and Instruction Cables – 250,000 m
LV MCC’s – 18 units
Cable Connections – 9.000 units

And also: Street lighting, ARCH Normal and Emergency Lighting , General Alarm System and Fire Extinguisher and Access Control System.