Antwerp, Belgium

Rendered Services

For TCPI BELGIUM, this project represents an important milestone in the development of its maintenance services in Belgium and more precisely on the Port of Antwerp, in this case, performing services for the Antwerp Terminal & Processing Company (ATPC).

Project Description


Under this contract, TCPI BELGIUM will be responsible for the full preparation, planning, and execution of all E&I maintenance activities for the entire tank terminal. Together with the operator’s teams, we ensure an efficient approach to maintenance planning, what should lead to smarter and more cost-efficient maintenance.

TCPI BELGIUM can count on the support of the complete Ponticelli Group for the successful implementation of proven industrial maintenance methodologies.

  • Project value: +/- 1.2M€ yearly
  • FTE’s: 11 Team members
Terminal specs:
  • Capacity:  +/- 1.000.000m³
  • Vessels / tanks: +/- 110 Pc’s
  • Jettys: 9
  • Product types: minerals & petrochemicals


  • Antwerp Terminal & Processing Company (ATPC)

End of Contract:

  • On going

Project Amount:

  • 1.2M€/Year