ATLAS Project

Chalampé, France (Alsace)

Project Description

Butachimie is one of the only factories in the world producing Nylon (only three factories exist), the only one in France.
Two new units (New Mixed Unit/New Tank Farm) were built.
The revamping on Synthesis/ Distillation/Tank Farms and Mixed Units was made.
Hours spent: 120,000 productive hours.
Average number of employees: 70-80 people

Rendered Services and Installed Quantities

– Detail design, supply and installation of cabinets (Qty: 45un)
– Supply and installation of cable trays (Qty: 2750mts) in the 6 areas of intervention (New Mixed Units, New Tank Farm, Mixed Units, Tank Farm, Synthesis, Distillation).
– Supplies and installations of multi-cables (Qty: 95Km)
– Supply and installation of unitary cables on the different zones (Synthesis/Distillation/Mixed Units/New Mixed Units/Tank Farm/New Tank Farm/LT56B/LT16/LT99). Qty: 55Km with 4000 connections.
– Supply and installation of junction box and solenoid box (Qty:177un)
– Supply and installation of insufflation panels (Qty:25un)
– Supply and installation of intercom systems
– Supply and installation of electrical tracing on instruments
– Supply and installation of the fire network with new control centre:
– 14 HC detectors
– 14 syrenes
– 14 flashing lights
– Installation of package cabinets
– Analyser cabinet installation and sample (Qty:8un)
– Shutdown work on Synthesis/Distillation/Mixed Units and Tank Farm (16/10/2019-05/12/2019)
– Commissioning



End of Contract:

  • 2020

Project Amount:

  • 10.950K€