Antwerp UP DCU/ Flare Project

Antwerp, Belgium

Rendered Services

The project involved the “Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)” and “Flare” at the ExxonMobil refinery in Antwerp, Belgium. The location of the Project is in the Port of Antwerp adjacent to the Marshall dock, divided into 3 main Areas, the Delayed Coker Unit 2160, the Flare Unit 1065 and the Coker Handling Unit / Conveyor.

Project Description

Supply and Installation of MV / LV bus ducts, MCC cells, MCCs, speed variators, lighting frames, interface boards, fiber optic boards, cables and connectors, cable paths, cables, , etc;

Installation of Equipment in the Control Room: marshaling panels; UPS’s; DCS panels; ESD panels, etc .;

Installation of Lighting System, Earth System and all instrumentation as well as loop testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and unit startup.

Total Direct Hours Initial: Aprox. 60,000 Hrs
Total Direct Hours Final L / LTI: Aprox. 200,000 Hrs
Total Workers at Peak: 120 People

Installed Quantities

Cableway Installation: 10.000m
Erection of MV, LV, Instrumentation and ground cables: 70.000m
Instrument Erection + Hook up’s: 500un
Lighting Fixture Erection + Sockets: 800un
Tests (transformers + motors + cables + earth + Lighting): 1.800un
Loop’s tests: 1.500un