COVID 19 – TCPI Announcement

Subject: COVID-19

TCPI – Tecnoprojeto Internacional, S.A. has a contingency plan in place that aims to protect the health and safety of our employees and partners.

We carefully monitor the information and guidelines of the World Health Organization, the General Health Directorate, the Portuguese Government and the governments of the countries where we operate, implementing our actions aligned with theirs.

Among the actions implemented, we highlight the following:
– Creation of a Crisis Committee (COVID-19) to implement the Company’s Global Contingency Plan;
– Establishment of chains of command and daily communication on the evolution of the situation of company employees, partners and customers;
– Reinforcement of cleaning and hygiene means and conducts in the workplace;
– Maintain interpersonal distance;
– Creation of isolation rooms in each workplace;
– Cancellation of business trips and face-to-face meetings, promotion of e-meetings;
– Cancellation of training actions / workshops and participation in conferences;
– Restriction of access to visits to TCPI facilities at headquarters and branch offices;
– Promotion of the self-monitoring and prevention measures required at this stage;
– Definition of actions to be taken in case of emergency / serious suspicion;
– Active promotion of the establishment of a quarantine period (14 days) for all TCPI employees who have traveled from risky countries;
– Reinforcement of IT and mobile communications;
– Implementation of teleworking and partial work for activities that are possible to ensure;
– Continuous disclosure of information and necessary updates to the COVID-19 Contingency Plan, to all interested parties.

Our commitment is to maintain all efforts to reduce the risk of contamination and spread of COVID-19, while simultaneously implementing a set of actions that aim to safeguard as much as possible the functioning of the company, continue to serve our customers, comply with obligations and keep partners and suppliers informed of new needs.

We are certain that, with everyone’s contribution, we will overcome this serious situation and come out of this crisis into a more caring society.

Porto Salvo, March 20, 2020
Christophe de Amorim
Managing Director