35 years – Happy Birthday TCPI!

Today is TCPI’s 35th anniversary.

To spot the date, we remember our employees, fellow co-workers, friends and partners who helped us reach another milestone in our history.

We would like to thank them all for their dedication, commitment and competence in leading projects which have headed TCPI to have a place in the world and to gain the respect and consideration of its clients.

To our founder, José Manuel Brandão, the intelligence and audacity to go further even when the horizon lines could not be seen.

To our managers, directors and shareholders, the courage to bet on this fantastic team and to lead us every day, in a market which at every moment challenges companies to be more competitive, more focused, more environmentally friendly and more bold in the services they provide, for the satisfaction and success of their customers, but progressively more for the benefit of communities and nations.

Long live TCPI! Congratulations to all!