Rehabilitation of Electrical Front Boards

Minas SOMINCOR, Castro Verde, Portugal

Rendered Services

A TCPI Internacional prestou os serviços de reabilitação, instalação, pré-comissionamento e apoio ao arranque de Quadros Eléctricos de Frente Fundo Mina, para a Somincor, em Castro Verde, Portugal.

Project Description


Aprovisionamento de materiais para a instalação dos quadros eléctricos e seus suportes.

Construction/ Erection

Rehabilitation of electrical boards in a workshop, involving replacement of components and accessories, as well as the bench test and electrical panel installation after repair in the front areas at the bottom of the mine.

Approximately 10,000 man hours were carried out with 2/3 workers on site.



End of Contract:

  • 2017

Project Amount:

  • 300 K€