Crude Stabilization Project – Dong Energy Hejre

Fredericia, Denmark

Rendered Services

TCPI INTERNACIONAL has provided services related to the installation of underground E & I cables and the underground grounding system network for the “Dong Energy Hejre Crude Stabilization Project” as an extension of the Dong / Shell Refinery located in Fredericia, Denmark.

All basic and detail engineering was provided by CB & I, in accordance with Danish codes, rules, international standards, laws and requirements.

The project consisted of increased gas production and additional storage capacity through the installation of Bullets for LPG Storage (New Technology).

Project Description


Grounding cables; earth rods and inspection wells; winterizing system to protect the cables during their installation.

Construction/ Erection

The installation of 180 km of cables consisted of a well-prepared management and TOTAL’s organized activities required approximately 30,000 man hours work with 19 direct men in peak period.

Installed Quantities:

Electrical cables: 120,000 m
Control Cable and Instrument: 60,000 m
Other: 25,000 m of grounding cables; 200 earth rods with wells


  • CB&I - SHELL

End of Contract:

  • 2016

Project Amount:

  • 900 K€